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For what it's worth, here is some data from a paper by Prof. P. L. Pratt from the Imperial College of Science and Technology re the estimated draw weights of English Longbows from the Mary Rose and other sources:

Bow: estimated draw weight, actual draw weight when tested in modern times, assume 30" draw length unless otherwise noted
X1-2 Tower of London - 98 lb.
Saxton Pope, Tower Bow 98-101 lb., 65 lb., 28" draw
Galloway, Tower Bow, 98-101, 100 lb. 28" draw
MRA 1 - 102.4 lb., 102.8 lb. 30" draw
X1-1 Mary Rose Bows - 101 lb.
A812 - 110 lb.
A3952 - 115 lb., cracks in sapwood, not tested
A1654 - 124 lb., cracked at 79 lb. 29.5" draw
A1648 - 136 lb., 60 lb. 30" draw
A3975 - 137 lb., Cracked at 42 lb. 22" draw
A1607 - 185 lb. (172 lb. at 28" which author thought was more likely the proper draw weight b/c the bow would probably have snapped at 30"), modern experiment: broke at low load; degraded

Additionally, data for the 5 surviving bows known previous to the discovery of the Mary Rose are as follows (from Robert E. Kaiser's paper (1980):
1. Bow from the Battle of Hedgeley Moor in 1464, during the War of the Roses: 60 lb draw
2. Bow from around the time of the Battle of Flodden in 1513: 80 to 90 lb draw
3. and 4. recovered in 1836 by John Deane from the Mary Rose: A modern replica made in the early 1970s of these bows has a 102 lb draw
5. Bow from the armoury of the church in the village of Mendlesham in Suffolk, England and is believed to date either from the period of Henry VIII or Queen Elizabeth I. The Mendlesham Bow is broken but has an estimated draw of 80 lb.

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